Citres | Multilabels
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We want to tell you everything about our products but a simple label doesn’t have space…for that we invented the “Multilabels”…new labels apply on some products to describe you news, informations, ideas, recipes and interesting curiosity. The vegetables in jar have never been so modern! Try Peel-off label!

Giudea artichokes

100% italian quartered artichokes, prepared with fresh artichokes from March to May. Recipe with garlic and parsley.

290 g

strips sundried tomatoes

Strips Sundried tomatoes prepared with oil, oregano, chili and garlic. Strips tomatoes for cooking use.

290 g

giardiniera sweet & sour

Amazing vegetables mix prepared with fresh raw materials, sliced and cut by hand size. Onions, Carrots, Cucumbers, Peppers, Celery and Fennel.

540 g

tutto fresco sweet & sour

Two Types of vegetables produced only in season with fresh Red & Yellow Peppers and Borettane onions cutted by handmade. A very Fresh Taste!

540 g