Citres | Quality
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We certify all our quality.

Quality has no secrets: fresh picked and selected vegetables, oil, vinegar and salt.

Thanks to the Quality System certified to the IFS and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, with procedures of control on the entire production process, we guarantee respect of the highest food safety standards, purity and traceability.
The aim of these standards is to provide a common base, recognized and accepted by the international retailers and food industry, with which to guarantee the quality and hygienic performance of the manufacturers.

According to the established Plan of Internal Self-Control, the quality control draws samples of the raw materials and during all stages of the production process, on which chemical, microbiological and organoleptic tests are carried out.
The incoming raw materials are carefully inspected and, in addition to passing them through a metal detector capable of intercepting foreign bodies of metallic origin, for every production a large number of operators is assigned to sorting directly on the production line, and an X-Ray System to discover any foreign bodies of other kinds. During this sorting activity we use highly qualified and trained personnel.